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Presentation of specialisation

The curricula related to the specialisation.

The distance learning form confers the same diploma as for full-time studies and the curricula and courses are identical to those of the daytime form. The difference is the number of face-to-face meetings with teachers. Meetings will take place physically and online depending on the specifics of the subject and will be scheduled on weekends (Friday afternoon/Saturday/Sunday). Online meetings can also take place during the week in the second half of the day. The materials will be available through the e-learning platform used by UVT

The main mission of the Computer Science degree program is to prepare computer specialists who possess a solid knowledge of computer science and the ability to apply it to solve specific problems in different fields. The programme aims to provide the knowledge and skills that will allow graduates to integrate easily into the IT industry, but also the possibility to continue their professional training through master programmes and subsequent integration into a research activity in theoretical and applied computer science. The objective of the Computer Science degree program is to provide graduates with:

Theoretical and practical knowledge on:

  • analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of IT applications
  • analysis, modelling, interpretation and evaluation of complex systems
  • problem analysis and construction of abstract models/formal models/computational models
  • use of theoretical concepts from computer science
  • structure and operation of a computing system
  • storage, organisation and processing of data


  • implementation of applications in specific programming languages
  • verification and testing of computer applications
  • planning the design and implementation of IT applications
  • configuration and integration of computer systems/software systems
  • design and development of software architectures for data organisation and processing
  • computer network administration
  • drafting documentation and providing advice in the field
  • implementation of data security assurance strategies and data management policies

Discipline Sheets