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May 29, 2024

Presentation of specialisation

The curricula related to the specialisation.

What is the purpose of the programme? Training of specialists possessing:

  • knowledge needed to build robust and efficient statistical data analysis models
  • skills in the design, implementation and use of algorithms for automatic pattern extraction from data
  • skills in using technologies specific to processing large volumes of data and implementing scalable applications.

Who is it for? undergraduates from

  • Computer Science, Computer Mathematics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Management Informatics, Economics
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • other specialisations in exact sciences and engineering

What is studied?

  • Big Data Technologies, Data Warehouses, Cloud Computing
  • Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Programming in R
  • Probabilistic Models for Data Science, Predictive Models and Analytics, Optimization, Biostatistics, Dynamical Systems in Machine Learning
  • Text Mining, Computer Vision, Metaheuristic Algorithms

Career opportunities:

  • (Big) Data Scientist
  • (Big) Data Analyst
  • (Big) Data Engineer

Discipline Sheets