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May 29, 2024

Presentation of specialisation

The curricula related to the specialisation.

What is the purpose of the programme? Training of specialists possessing:

  • cross-disciplinary knowledge (computer science, genetics, mathematics, biology, chemistry)
  • skills in the use and development of informatics tools for biomedical data processing and computational modelling of biological processes
  • skills in the use of biomedical data acquisition, visualisation, organisation, retrieval and analysis techniques

Who is it for? graduates of the undergraduate cycle from majors of

  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Computers and Information Technology
  • other majors in the exact and life sciences (Medicine, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)

What is studied?

  • Software tools for biological data processing
  • Technologies specific to processing large volumes of data
  • Computational models for the analysis and simulation of biological structures and processes
  • Statistical methods for biomedical data analysis
  • Fundamental concepts in chemistry, molecular biology and genetics

Career opportunities:

  • Bioinformatician, biostatistician
  • Data analyst, clinical data manager
  • eHealth specialist, IT consultant in
    • IT companies developing biomedical applications
    • Research centres in computer science, genetics, etc.
    • Genetics labs,
    • Pharmaceutical companies

Discipline Sheets